Upulse is the first of the solutions developed by ELT. This is a mobile app based on an Android operating system that is able to control, configure and manage the range of drivers for indoor use from ELT that incorporate BLE technology.

It uniquely identifies each device in addition to creating groups and scenes that allow a set of selected drivers to be linked together. It can fade, change the colour temperature and create scenes that combine different dimming and temperature values, all of which are executed independently.

Thanks to Upulse, full advantage can also be made of the eSMART technology developed by ELT, enabling the real time monitoring of the main variables. These include, among other features, the light level and energy consumption as well as the voltage consumed by the load, the current provided by the driver, the status of the mains grid and its RMS value as well as the driver temperature.

Lastly, the scene configuration is directly linked to one of the concepts on which ELT has aimed to place great importance and one which is gaining in popularity today in the field of lighting: Human Centric Lighting. Following the momentum generated by LED technology and the technological capacity to equip devices with intelligence to achieve autonomous and remotely controlled systems, one of the aspects that is setting the trend and future of lighting focuses on human beings themselves. It appears that lighting is converting into a series of parameters that can impact on quality of life and have a direct influence on humankind.

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