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What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files received by your computer terminal from the Website visited and are used to record interactions from browsing a Website, storing information that may be updated and later recovered. These files are stored in the computer of the user and contain anonymous data that is not harmful to your device. They are used to remember user preferences, such as the language selected, access information or page customisation. Cookies are provided for under article 22 of Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

Cookies can also be used to record anonymous information about a visitor that uses a Website. For example, the page from which access has been made or if an advertising banner has been used to reach the site.



Why does ELT use cookies?

ELT uses the cookies that are strictly necessary and essential for you to use our Websites and allow you to browse freely, use secure areas, personalise options, and so on. In addition, ELT uses cookies that gather data relating to the analysis of how the Website is used. These are used to help improve customer service as well as to measure the use and performance of the page so that it can be optimised and customised.

Our sites can also contain links to other third party Websites. ELT does not control the cookies used by these external Websites.

For more information about cookies on the social networks or other external Websites, we recommend that you refer to their own cookies policies.


What do we use our different types of cookies for?

  • Technical cookies: Technical cookies are those that are essential and strictly necessary for the correct operation of a Web portal and the use of the different options and services it offers. For example, those that maintain the session, manage the response time, performance or validation of options, use security elements, share content with social networks, etc.
  • Personalisation cookies: These cookies allow the user to specify or customise some features of the general options available on the Web page. For example, setting the language, regional configuration or type of browser.
  • Analysis cookies: Analysis cookies are those used by our Web portals to draw up browsing profiles and find out about the preferences of the users of these portals for the purpose of improving the offer of services. 
  • Advertising cookies: Advertising cookies permit the management of advertising spaces on the basis of specific criteria. For example, access frequency, edited content, etc.
  • Cookies for advertising: Cookies for advertising enable the storage of behavioural information through the management of advertising by observing the habits, studying the accesses and generating a preferences profile of the user, in order to offer them advertising relating to their profile’s interests.

Depending on the time during which the cookies remain activated, we can distinguish between:

  •  Session cookies: This cookie is designed to collect and store data while the user is accessing a Web page.
  •  Persistent cookies:  This type of cookies stores information on the computer terminal on an ongoing basis and may be accessed and processed for an indefinite period by the entity responsible for that cookie. This period can range from minutes to several years.

And finally, in respect of the entity that manages these cookies, we can distinguish between:

  • First party cookies:  Are those sent to the user's computer terminal from a server or domain managed by the issuer themselves and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
  • Third party cookies: Are those that are sent to the user's computer terminal from a server or domain that is not managed by the issuer but by another entity that handles the data obtained via the cookies.

Specifically, this Website uses Google Analytics, an analytical web service that is provided by Google, Inc. with its registered address in the United States and head office at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043.  To provide these services, this entity uses cookies to gather information, including the IP address of the user that will be transferred, processed and stored by Google under the terms established on the Website. This includes the possible transfer of the said information to third parties due to legal requirements or when third parties process the information on behalf of Google.


What if I do not want these cookies or if I do nothing in this regard?

To comply with current legislation, we have to ask your permission to manage cookies. If you choose not to authorise the processing by notifying us of your disagreement, we will only use technical cookies, given that these are essential for you to browse our Website. In this case, we would not store any cookies.

Remember that if you refuse or delete the browser cookies, we will be unable to maintain your preferences, some features of the pages will not work and we will not be able to offer you customised services. Every time you browse our Website, we will have to ask you again for your authorisation as regards the use of cookies.

If you still decide to change the configuration of your access to the Web page, you should know that it is possible to delete the cookies or prevent this information from being recorded at any time on your device by amending the configuration parameters of your browser:

  • Configuring cookies on Internet Explorer.
  • Configuring cookies on Firefox.
  • Configuring cookies on Google Chrome.
  • Configuring cookies on Safari.

These browsers are subject to updates or modifications, and as a result, we cannot guarantee that they fully adapt to the version of your browser. You may also be using a different browser which is not provided for in the above links, such as Konqueror, Arora or Flock, etc. To avoid any incompatibilities, you should directly access your browser options that are usually found in the Options menu, in the section "Privacy". (Please refer to the help function on your browser for more information.)

If you agree with the ELT cookies policy, please click on [accept]


So, what does the above information mean?

If you accept our cookies, you allow us to improve the ELT Websites in order to offer you optimal access and provide you with a more efficient and personalised service. In addition, you can configure your browser to establish that only trustworthy Websites or the pages through which you are browsing at that time are able to manage cookies so that you can select your preferences.

By setting out this policy, ELT is demonstrating its commitment to current legislation as regards the use of cookies, providing you with information so that you are able to understand the types of cookies we have used and why we have done so.  As such, we aim to provide you with transparency as regards the data processed from the browsing carried out from your device on our Website.

This policy is revised on a regular basis to guarantee its effectiveness, which means that it may be modified. We recommend that you visit the Website on a regular basis where we will inform you as regards any update in this regard.


Where can I obtain more information?

If you have any questions about how we use cookies that are not answered in this policy, please send your comments to 

If you would like more information about the cookies directive, please refer to the Boletín Oficial del Estado, (the Spanish Official State Gazette) published on 31 March 2012 (for Spain) which transposes the directives as regards electronic communications. You can also find a copy of the directive at the Information Commissioner Office (in English).

In addition, educational videos published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos) are available, which offer a step-by-step guide as to how to configure the privacy options for the most common browsers, social networks and operating systems, at Videos AEPD.

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