Programa Talento

Talent programme

At ELT we like to position the employee at the centre. And we do this from the moment the employee joins our company.

For this, the candidate goes through a selection process designed to determine their perfect adaptation to the previously defined job profile as follows: 

  • Phase 1 → Definition. The first step is to clearly establish the competences, knowledge, experience and also the motivational drive we believe is the most appropriate for each function.
  • Phase 2 → Measurement. Next, and prior to the interview, the candidates fill out our Predictive Index® questionnaire, a tool that helps us find out if the candidate will be able to handle changing environments. Having passed the test, the selection interviews take place, which always involve the corresponding Area Managers.
  • Phase 3 → Integration. To promote the integration of the successful candidate, we have designed an 'on boarding ' procedure that aims to equip our new employee an orderly knowledge of our company, its design process, manufacturing and commercialisation of the different products.

In parallel we offer our YOUNG TALENT programme created with the aim of incorporating young people into our company who seek to complete their training with a personalised learning process under the guidance of experienced professionals who gradually increase their level of responsibility. In this way, our technicians accompany them throughout the simplest but no less important of tasks, progressively learning about the reality of the Company with the involvement of every department concerned. As a result, we collaborate closely with both the University and with the San Valero vocational training centre to bring these young people into contact with their first professional experiences.

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