Street lighting

Success stories

Street lighting equipment

Installation of a total of 93 L and M sized EXEYA roadside lighting fixtures in the main avenue to the entrance of the municipality of Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra. This project involved replacing the previously installed discharge lamps. The lighting fixtures installed are set up to integrate the remote management system STELARIA, given the fact they incorporate a standard 7-pin NEMA socket. The colour temperatures and optics used have been exclusively adapted for pedestrian streets and walkways.

Smart street lighting stock

Albalate del Arzobispo (Teruel - Spain). Full renovation of the entire street lighting stock which comprised 410 lighting fixtures, moving away from traditional sodium vapour lamps to LED technology. This involves an integrated street lighting solution which, for the first time, facilitates interoperability between systems, in this case making it possible to achieve the integrated management of the municipal water meters.   If you know the entire project visit:

Improved Street Lighting

Benidoleig (Alicante). Installation of a total of 90 Villa type lighting fixtures with outputs ranging from 26 to 54 W, in 4000K (to meet project requirements and be in keeping with the other previously installed luminaires), designed to be regulated by means of flow regulators in the municipality’s existing power line header.

Installation of Smart Street Lighting

Implementation of a smart street lighting installation managed by ELT's proprietary solution, STELARIA, and its integration with the previously-existing municipal management platform. This project, called SLUX, aims to create an efficient and intelligent street lighting, achieving estimated savings of over 70%.

Street Lighting Equipment

Renovation of the street lighting stock in the Dutch city of Assen, comprising 600 lighting fixtures. This project, undertaken together with Spanish company SETGA, included the installation of the Essenze lighting fixtures from SETGA and the iLC PRO 40W and 75W drivers from ELT.

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