STELARIA: Smart street lighting management solution

STELARIA: Remote wireless street lighting CMS

STELARIA is an ELT designed end to end remote street lighting management system. By leveraging the power of ELT’s eSmart technology, STELARIA creates value by enabling the control and management of luminaires via a robust and advanced technology communication management system which has been packaged into a simple web application. Stelaria presents itself as a complete lighting solution which incorporates the software, hardware and communication technology necessary to remotely control and operate outdoor street lighting.

STELARIA has a friendly and secure web-based user interface which can be operated anywhere at anytime from any web connected device providing real time and accurate control of the outdoor lighting infrastructures. STELARIA reaches its highest level of service and full functionalities when operating lighting fixtures equiped with ELT’s eSMART compatible LED Drivers connected to STELARIA network nodes. Other configurations are possible on demand.


Street and residential lighting

Urban & architectural lighting

Industrial and sport infrastructures

Agricultural lighting

Mapa luminarias

Complete solution, high level of service

STELARIA is marketed as a complete solution provided with a high level of service and individualized by project.

Each STELARIA implementation project will be carefully analyzed and designed by qualified ELT personnel and adapted to every particular need.

ELT offers technical advisory support and planning for the lighting management, engineering and project development as well as technical support for the implementation and commissioning of the system.

STELARIA implementation includes a training plan for the operators and administrators, as well as technical support, updates and maintenance of the management and communications system.


Turn On/Off street lights Yes
Street light dimming Yes
Dimming & scheduling of individual street light Yes
Number of manageable street lights in a single installation Unlimited
Number of manageable installations by a single user Unlimited
Easy allocation of luminaires based on multiple logical criteria Yes
Coordenates, location, selected área, type of luminaire and manufacturer
Number of logical groups Unlimited
Number of street lights per logical group Unlimited
Visualization of street lights located on a map Yes
Multiple map choice Yes
Number of locations and global positioning Unlimited
Street light current and historic information display Identi cation, positioning, current lighting and operation status, alerts, comissioning data, etc
User-friendly individual street light operation status display via icon & color coding Yes
Map sized dynamic grouping of street lights Yes
Basic street light information display through Tool tip Yes
Creation and recording of lighting programs Unlimited
Creation & recording of lighting program schedules Unlimited
Number of lighting levels per program (ELT eSMART LED Driver series) 9
Lighting dimming range (ELT’s eSMART LED driver) 100-5%
Lighting fade con guration Yes
Lighting pro les creation based on virtual midnight reference point Yes
Creation and storage of lighting program schedules Unlimited
Number of lighting program schedules running simultaneously in one street light 1
Number of lighting programs running simultaneously in one schedule Unlimited
Number of street lights running simultaneously same lighting program schedule Unlimited
Date scheduling Perpetual calendar
Weekdays scheduling Yes
Day type scheduling Yes
Lighting program datalog Yes
Autonomous operation of street lights according to precon gured lighting program schedule. Not dependent on communications network status Yes
Power metering Yes
Power metering datalog Yes
Driver’s temperature metering Yes
Driver’s output voltage metering Yes
Driver’s output current metering Yes
LED light source temperature Yes. In case that the light source has NTC sensor available
LED light source voltage Yes. Instant and historic records
LED light source current Yes. Instant and historic records
Single street light alarm datalog recording and display on a map Yes
Alarm reporting Yes. Display several electric, ambiental & communications faillure causes.
LED light source Operating time (MOT) Yes
LED light source End-of-life remaining time (EOL) Yes
Max number of users Unlimited
Multiple user roles allowed Yes
Enables easy integration of additional street lights into the CMS system Yes


Currrent voltage metering & datalog Yes
Current frequency metering & datalog Yes
Current power consumption metering & datalog Yes

On demand

On demand

Easily adaptable thanks to its open architecture and use of standard & unlicensed protocols Yes
SLUX combines active data obtained from the street lighting installation, with passive data from municipal management systems. This data includes voter lists, accounting, inventory, technical standards, etc., to provide a solid base of operative indicators to plan future installations and to speci cally adjust the lighting to the evolution of the municipal district and the needs of its residents On demand


Type GSM based or hybrid system (GSM + RF Mesh)
System architecture Modular, multi-layer
Adressing IPv6 - 6LowPAN
Communications protocols Open standards
RF Network Type Mesh network, ad-hoc con guration, multi-hop, self-organization, automatic neighbour discovery, time and date precise synch
Communication ISM -Licence free band ISM 868 (EU)-915 (US/ANZ) MHz according to IEEE 802.15.4
GSM Gateways Communication 2G,3G, LTE
Firmware update FOTA
Cloud hosting Yes. Local hosting available on demand
End to end secured system End-to-end secured database, secure hosting, cloud protection, data con dentiality
Security Device authentication & data encryption (AES 128)
Scalable system Enables easy incorporation of additional lighting poles
Interoperable system Expandable platform to support other urban services within a IoT ecosystem
Smart city platforms compatibility Multilevel data interchange capabilities, app interfaces. Business intelligence and data analytics
Type Web-based user friendly interface
Graphics visualization Multiple map choice
Accesibility Worldwide accesible. 365/7/24
Supporting devices Multi-device compatible. PC, Tablet, Smartphone
Secure access Safe access. Authentication. Highest protection against unauthorized access
System requirements Optimized for / Optimizado para Android 2.3, Google Chrome 23, Internet Explorer 9, iOS 5, Mozilla Firefox 17, Opera 12
Languages Spanish, English. Other languages on demand
Model Description Code
NLN STELARIA RF Node 9970001
NLG STELARIA GSM Gateway 9970002
Directives RoHS 2011/65/UE + 2014/1UE a 2014/6/UE + 2014/8/UE a 2014/16/UE
CEM EN 301 489-1 V2.1.1
EN 301 489-17 V3.1.1
EN 301 489-3 V2.1.0
FCC parte 15B
Security EN 60950-1:2006
EN 60950-1:2006 +A11:2009+A12:2011 + A1:2010 + AC:2011 + A2: 2013
Radio EN 300 220-2 V2.4.1
FCC 47 CFR Part 15
RF Node Communication port STELARIA digital port®
Protection Waterproof Yes. IP67
UV Resistant Yes
Thermal protection Yes, remote monitoring
Overvoltage protection Yes, remote monitoring
Sensors Aditional sensors available on demand
Weight 0,290 (Kg)
Gateway Communication port STELARIA® digital port
Protection Waterproof Yes. IP67
UV Resistant Yes
Thermal protection Yes, remote monitoring
Overvoltage protection Yes, remote monitoring
Sensors Additional sensors available on demand
Weight 0,300 (Kg)
Control output Communications protocol STELARIA®
Control mode Remote, wireless, end-to-end, con gurable, programmable
Power supply input Connector type Two wires, 0,5 mm2
Operation range Temperature range -30... +75 ºC
Voltage range 110-277V 50-60Hz


  • Assembled on the outside of the fitting alongside its longitudinal axis
  • Unique housing for gateways & nodes
  • Easy universal fixing through M20 cable gland
  • Fits almost every street lighting fixture (*)
  • Robust housing, outdoor proof
  • Waterproof
(*) Node customization and integration inside lighting fixtures available on demand.
Plano dimensional

Plano dimensional

Esquema de conexionado

Esquema de conexionado

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