iMonitor is an application designed for street lighting, enabling the point by point management of each lighting fixture thanks to BLE and eSMART technology, integrated into the iLC PRO range of drivers from ELT.

The tool makes it possible to configure each light point, changing parameters such as fading or the lighting profile which is being applied. Similarly, iMonitor provides the option for real time monitoring of the variables associated with energy consumption, such as output, supply voltage, etc.

The lighting profile is implemented autonomously, and thanks to the eSMART technology, a profile with up to 9 different levels can be configured that allow energy savings to be made, and with this, a considerable reduction on the electricity bill.

iMonitor becomes the ideal tool for the managers and maintainers of street lighting installations. Acting remotely and with no need for any physical intervention, each lighting fixture can be monitored, obtaining information on its status and the ability to simply and easily program maintenance tasks.

In addition, iMonitor is a tool designed for manufacturers that need a straightforward way to program each individual driver. The lighting profiles can be recorded by group making costly and wired reprogramming processes a thing of the past.

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