EROSIA is a classical 19th Century Fernandina-style street lamp equipped with LED technology which balances heritage conservation with technological efficiency.

EROSIA is a classic lighting fixture that integrates technology 100% developed by ELT. It is fitted with the eLED RKIT module, a 24-LED device mounted on an aluminium heat sink that guarantees optimal thermal management and a programmable driver, which integrates eSMART technology, allows a wide range of programmable options and numerous dimming modes such as ON/OFF, DALI, 0-10V, 1-10V or ActiDIM, among others.

The new model also incorporates a combination of lenses with different light distributions that guarantee a high protection level - IP67 - for the optical unit, as well as IK09 impact protection for the luminaire itself. This in turn provides high optical efficiency and high performance light distribution. EROSIA offers both asymmetrical and symmetrical optical distributions.

EROSIA is highly corrosion-resistant, given that it is made of die-cast aluminium, with a polyester paint finish. Its upper hinged body makes the device easy to install and provides access to the optical unit and ancillary equipment.

As with its predecessors, EXEYA and ELODIA, offers the possibility of working at project stage, with the connectivity systems fully designed by ELT (iMonitor and STELARIA) that aim to provide each installation with the maximum added value possible.

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