ELT improves iSOFT, its proprietary configuration software

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019

ELT has carried out several tasks to improve our proprietary iSOFT configuration software. Thanks to this update, the tool can now programme drivers via the DALI 2 protocol.

The main improvements implemented in this new version are as follows:

  • Incorporation of th DALI-2 protocol, which now makes it possible to control DALI-2 drivers.

The iSOFT 5.0 Master DALI-2 incorporates new and more visual command screens that have been redesigned to clarify and simplify programming tasks.

Thanks to the DALI-2 console, new commands have been included such as "identify device", that allows users to know which driver corresponds to which address by means of a flashing light; or the command that resets memory banks. The software also allows operating modes as defined by the manufacturer, as well as more accurate dimming times within a wider range, thanks to the new "extended dimming time" variable.  

  • New configuration window for the CORE family of drivers. This window offers different functionalities:

- Creating standard format templates
- Programming previously created templates
- Editing templates
- Reading data from the driver's memory bank

  • Inclusion of the "type 8" tab that can send DALI commands to 'T8' drivers, making it possible to regulate the temperature colour from warm white to cool white light.
  • Inclusion of the GTINs or international product identification codes of the new DALI-2 models from ELT.

The new version, iSOFT 5.0 Master DALI 2, can be downloaded from our web page via the following link: https://www.elt.es/en/download-isoft-software


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