Legal Notice

The following clauses regulate the relationships that can result from the use of or access to the Web Site that the commercial company ESPECIALIDADES LUMINOTÉCNICAS, LIMITED, from now on referred to as ELT, makes available to all internet users.

The use of this Web Site by any person converts said person in a Site User, assuming that they accept the conditions included in this LEGAL NOTICE, which must be read on each and every occasion that the user makes use of the site’s resources or services. The User is advised that this LEGAL NOTICE can be subjected to changes or updating due to legal necessity or a decision made by ELT, said changes or updates will be available to the User in this Web Site.

Through this Web Site, ELT provides, totally free of charge, an ample range of services and contents directly related with its activities ( from now on referred to as SERVICES), the access to said services is submitted to some behaviour rules which are given in this LEGAL NOTICE, and which the User will have read and accepted without any exception.

ELT reserves the right to remove or suspend the SERVICES available in any case or moment and without prior notice, be this due to technical or oraganizational reasons or due to the supposed failure to comply with this LEGAL NOTICE by any User.

This LEGAL NOTCE is in accordance with the law 34/2002, ‘’Servicios de la Sociedad de la información y de comercio Electrónico’’ (Electronic Information and Commerce Society Services), made on the 11th of July and by the consitutional law 15/1999,’’Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal’’ (Protection of Personal Information), made on the 13th of December as well as by the rest of the national, community and international normatives applicable due to the nature of the material.


All the contents found on the Web Site which show part of the designs, texts, photographs, graffics, icons as well as brand name, commercial name or any other distinctive sign or mark susceptible to industrial and/or commercial use, are the property of ELT and the User has no right to use them other than the strictly necessary for the correct use of the Web Site and the services it provides.

The User is totally prohibited from directly or indirectly, partially or totally exploiting any of the contents of this Web Site.

To be clear and in a merely declaratory way, the reproduction, change, distribution, etcetera of all or part of the content and/or information which appears in this Web Site is totally prohibited.


From the moment they enter this Web Site, the Users must correctly use the contents made available, said contents include, but are not exclusively, texts, images, graffic designs, photographs etcetera. Correct use is considered that which is in accordance with this LEGAL NOTICE, our legal system and morally correct actions, public order and good practices.

To be clear and in a merely informative way, the user must not transmit, copy, reproduce, distribute and/or modify the contents of the Web Site, nor must they remove, manipulate or alter any information or indicative sign which is property of or is linked to ELT.


Information: ELT does not guarantee the veracity, suitability, accuracy, or thoroughness of the contents in this page nor does it guarantee that they are up-to-date. ELT does not accept the responsibility for any damage or harm caused by the forementioned.

Service quality: ELT does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the contents that may cause alterations in the User’s computer system. ELT does not accept responsibility for damage or harm of any type that could be caused by the existance of viruses or elements nor does it answer for any possible faults, disconexions from internet or the eventual temporal or permanent suspension or cancellation of the services offered in this Web Site.

Links to outside pages: ELT does not guarantee or control the absence of viruses or other elements in the services given in the links to other pages and web sites that can be found in ELT´s own Web Site. ELT does not accept responsibility for damage or harm of any type that may be caused by the presence of viruses or other damaging elements that can be found in the links nor does it guarantee the legality, reliability or usefulness of the services given in said links, this being so ELT does not accept responsibility for any damage or harm caused from the use of said services.


In order to use some of the Site’s Services the User must previously provide ELT with some information of a personal nature (clearly stated in those services in which it is required) which will be automated under the conditions given in the Privacy Policy. All those Users who want to make use of said Services must first read the Privacy Policy.


In the case that any User or third person considers or knows that the contents of the Web Site are being unlawfully used and/or that unlawful activities are being carried out in the web pages that are included in or accessible through the Site, said User/person must inform ELT by means of a notification which must contain:

  • The personal information of the person making the claim: name, surname(s), address, telephone number and e-mail address.

  • A description of the supposed unlawful activity.

  • A clear and express declaration that the information given in the notification is exact and the character of the unlawful activity. Said declaration is the responsibility of the claimant.

The notification made by the User to ELT will become effective when it is sent to the User Attention Service by one of the following means:

  • By post to: Polígono Industrial de Malpica, Calle E, parcela número 11. 50016 Zaragoza (SPAIN).

  • By e-mail to:


Polígono Industrial de Malpica, Calle E, parcela número 11.50.016-Zaragoza (ESPAÑA).
Teléfono: 976.573.660 
Fax: 976.574.960 
CIF: A-50.032.572 
Inscripción: Registro Mercantil de Zaragoza, Tomo 204 general 118, sección 3-, Folio V, Hoja Z-3569

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