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New iLC PRO 40: The most efficient in its ranger
The most efficient driver in its range has arrived, iLC PRO 40 for up to 40W LED modules. With eSMART technology included, it is fully programmable. Using the iPROGRAMMER interface and the iSOFT...
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New TITAN DLC-TN: Titan Power
Discover our constant current driver for up to 400W LED modules and its unmatched technical features: output ripple current <4%, Class II electrical protection, IP67, quick step regulation and much...
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ELT takes part in LuxLive 2017 to showcase its latest lighting solutions
ELT and UK supply partner Prime Light, team up again at LuxLive 2017 from 15th to 16th November. The Spanish lighting manufacturer will present a wide...
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ELT takes part in Smart City Expo World Congress with its complete solution of street lighting management
ELT – Especialidades Luminotécnicas S.A.U., recognized supplier of lighting technological solutions...
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