Smart technologies

Smart technologies

ELT Especialidades Luminotécnicas S.A.U. is firmly committed to improving the quality of life of the individual by means of better lighting, working to create the most appropriate environment at any time with the aim of maximising both the comfort and the well-being of the user. In this regard, LED technology enables greater lighting control options and a higher quality of light, enhanced visual performance, a better and safer urban environment, making our cities “greener”, while saving up to 70% in terms of energy and achieving reductions in costs compared to existing technologies.

At ELT we invest R&D resources into the creation of solutions in line with LED lighting technologies such as connective technologies and data processing for its management and control, while at the same time never forgetting the importance of applying innovation to our range of lighting power supplies or auxiliary control equipment, all with one common goal, which is achieving the highest levels of efficiency, versatility, and lighting quality in each and every type of application.

In this sense, the Spanish company launches different lighting managing applications for outdoor, indoor and street lighting.



ELT iMonitor®

It is a mobile wireless solution with proprietary technology, based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), designed to programme and monitor professional urban lighting installations for outdoor and industrial applications.

ELT OneShot®

It is a handheld tool enabling automated and instant driver programming, with no need for mains power.




This tool is a mobile app with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, available for Android, which can quickly and easily adjust the light to the personal and/or professional needs of the client.

By means of an intuitive interface, the user can save and change lighting settings and scenes at any time, via their smartphone or tablet. In a matter of seconds, the application selects the combination of lights, colours and intensities required, storing them for fast access.

In addition to this smart, wireless lighting control, the application, which has been fully developed by ELT's expert software team, includes the ‘Human Centric Lighting’ setting, recommended for optimised lighting levels, with the aim of achieving the maximum level of visual comfort for the user.

The application moreover offers a professional version, Upulse PRO®. This allows the client to manage lighting fixtures individually or by groups, set up and use profiles as well as monitor operational parameters in real time.




This is the new control and monitoring tool for street lighting from STELARIA. With CityScope® and by using a radio frequency network and a PC software interface, the user can manage the street lighting in the local area in real time.

CityScope® uses the Mesh network to get a global range although it is a local control. It is a very efficient tool and the user can control the street lighting in real time.  


The technology integrated in ALIS® by STELARIA supports the use of Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools, among other options. This enables the analysis of useful and relevant data, whether originating or not from the street lighting infrastructure, so that the user can automatically and easily create the appropriate lighting scenarios that adjust to the demands of a specific time and place.

By contrast, the technology of IDUS® by STELARIA allows the interoperation of the street lighting infrastructure with other vital city services, thereby creating an IoT ecosystem. This allows the user to acquire, transfer and process data produced by other urban services, such as water, waste and traffic management, taking advantage of the communications network that already exists in the lighting fixtures, distributed uniformly all over the city and its surrounding area.


ELT iMonitor®

A BLE wireless solution to program and monitor urban lighting installations from a mobile device

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ELT OneShot®

Driver programming made easy with ONESHOT touch programming



The power of Smart lighting at your fingertips for home or professional use



On-premise (cloud free) wireless CMS for street lighting

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